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About Us: We are a digital publication whose purpose is to highlight the achievements of Honors College students, staff, and faculty, to report on Honors College events, and to provide a forum for students and faculty to share interesting experiences and opinions, all for the purpose of fostering a sense of community and celebrating diversity among the constituents of the Honors College.

Meet the Ampersand E-board!

Ampersand E-board Member

“I’ve been a part of The Ampersand since my freshman year of college, and this publication has not only allowed me to express my creativity, but also improved my writing skills throughout the years. I’m excited to be part of an outlet for sharing the works of the Honors College students!”

Sahana Reddy  |  Co-Editor-in-Chief
Ampersand E-board Member

“I joined The Ampersand during my first year at UIC and could not have anticipated the impact it would have on me; this club has not only enhanced my writing style, but it’s also taught me the reward of venturing outside of your comfort zone. Writing for this publication has taken me to exciting places, and I’ve met very memorable people along the way. I’m looking forward to another year of adventures and exploring fun events around the Honors College!”

Isra Hasnain  |  Co-Editor-in-Chief
Ampersand E-board Member

“I chose to become involved with The Ampersand shortly after one of our editors interviewed me for an article. Throughout my involvement, I have enjoyed the chance to write about a range of topics, from social justice to interview-based profiles. Writing for the Ampersand has provided me with the opportunity to improve on my writing skills and to learn how to write using different styles.”

Kaitlynn Richardson  |  Editor